Glass in public space

Glass is all around us like windows, bus shelters and so on. Blowed glass is a point. I have consciously chosen for this material in the public space of Bussum. Since 2016 Bussum is integrated and called: Gooise Lakes/Gooise Meren. It gives the suggestion that here in Bussum, we have water also! but no, we have forest and heath. To mark this moment I want to make an sculptural intervention in the public space. The roundabout of the entrance of Bussum will changed in an island: Goois Murano. It’s inspired by the island of glassblowers: Murano, near Venice. Glass has no fixed meaning because it will any time of the day, a different experience.

It’s depending the invasion of the light. The craftsmanship will speak. Finally, also Bussum is wetland.

Check below a photo impression of the glass sculptures.

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