How to be a sculpture

Writing an essay about: How to be a sculpture

December 2016
Writers residency Arte Studio Ginestrelle, Assisi, Italy

In the heart of the western sculpture, I want to retire me for a correspondence.
A personal treatise about the position of the sculpture in our digital age.

I believe, specially in this century, we need sculpture more than ever. Its magical to experience that material is transformed to reality and that you can stand in front of it and walk around. It tells something about our human existence. You can feel relate to it, your senses are stimulated, especially the tactility.
You can trust it sincerely. A sculpture is never on his own , it manifests itself in the environment. There is always communication because massa’s are meeting.
In our time, we live in an digital periode, economical driven. ”Things” are degenerated. I want to figure out what the position is of the sculpture in our time.
I want to be the writing hand of the sculpture and have correspondences with artists, scientists, curators.

Of course, in 2018 there will be also an exhibition with this theme. I have two possiblitys for really inspiring locations.
Feel free to ask any questions or suggestions! mail:

Note: I will write this essay in dutch

First correspondence: Anne Berk

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